New Chickens and a New Tractor!

I had a birthday in April, and it has been a bit like my birthday, Christmas, and the 4th of July all rolled into one with the new chickens joining the flock, new baby chicks, and a shiny new John Deere tractor!

Linda and Sandy Leghorn came to live at the ranch in early April.  They used to belong to a family who had them in their backyard and decided that they just couldn't keep them anymore. Right now they're living in the corner pen of the coop and getting acquainted with the flock through the fence.  Already each of them is laying a giant white egg every day--living up to their Leghorn reputation!

Here are Paulette, Courtney, and Emily, my new baby Silkies that I just got from a local breeder.  I am being optimistic that by giving them girl names, they'll all be girls--Silkies are pretty much impossible to sex when they first hatch.  These three fluffy cuties will soon be joined by three other chicks that I'm getting next week--two Cuckoo Marans, and a Golden Polish.

I just took delivery of this sweet little John Deere utility tractor and a handful of attachments, including a front-end loader that will be super handy for hauling chicken manure.  With this tractor I can put a new upper limit on the number of chickens I can have, don't you think?!