Pole Barn Progress

Here's a few pictures showing my progress towards getting a coop built in the pole barn:

Here's the pile of scrap lumber I posted on March 10. Used some of it to make the lumber racks. The rest of it is actually on the racks. I cut up the smaller pieces & they are now in the fireplace heating my house. So satisfying getting this stuff organized!

Another pole barn phenomenon: This bike hung upside down long so long that phoebes built a nest on the seat. I have a neighbor who is an artist & is way into bird nests. When I told her about this, she was so excited that I promised I would give her the bike with the nest intact so she could paint it.

I built these hardware cloth doors that swing into place when the sliding pole barn door is partially open - it allows the door to be open in the summer for ventilation but will hopefully keep predators and other nasty critters out.

Here's the pop door.  A pop door is a chicken-sized door that allows the chicken to go from the chicken coop into the outdoor chicken run.  The small pop door allows the chicken to go in and out but provides a smaller opening for heat loss in cool weather than a people-sized door would.

Of course, when I told Bailey I was building a pop door, she thought I said "pup door."

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