The Chicks Go Outside

On Saturday I finally came to the realization that the chicks were not going to get moved to the big coop in the time frame I had originally planned on - so I decided I would build them a small outdoor run in their current location. I spent about 10 minutes putting up the world's most rickety fence, then grabbed a lawn chair, a beer, & a camera & watched them come outdoors for the first time.

Maran, Angitou, & Carmen stand on the threshold for a long, long time trying to figure out why there's a gaping hole in the wall & what it all means.

Carmen: "There's yummy green stuff down there!"

Carmen goes for it.

Yes! Carmen, Angitou, & Maran are out!

Meanwhile the Silkes, oblivious to these new developments are standing around with their fingers up their noses. If they had fingers....or noses. Anyway, they are totally unaware.

Courtney: "Hey! There's a gaping hole in the wall. And the other chickens are in it!"

Courtney, Paulette, & Emily peering nervously into the abyss.

Courtney: "There's yummy green stuff out there! I'm going for it!"

Paulette & Emily, "Courtney! Come back!!!"

All the Silkies finally make it outside.

Next day: Everybody loves their new chicken run!

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