Meet the Flock Roundup - January & February 2017

Meet Paul!  Paul is my "second-in-command" rooster and is a frizzled bantam Cochin.  "Frizzled" refers to his curly feathers, "bantam" to his diminutive size, and Cochin is his breed - a sweet-tempered, feather-footed breed that originated in China.  In this shot, Paul is out for a walk in the leaf-covered chicken run in mid-November.

Here's a 2013 picture of Paul in his awkward adolescence. He was a normal looking fluffy little chick, then he went through his first molt and all these weird curly feathers started coming out every whichway. He survived his teenage years and turned into the dapper little roo that he is today!

Meet Paulette, one of the quartet of Cream Legbar hens that joined the flock as babies last March. All four of the Legbars' pretty blue/green eggs have been increasing in size since they started laying late in the summer last year and Paulette has been leading the pack. Each of her eggs is typically over 60 grams now, which puts them in the "extra-large" category. And she lays an egg pretty much every day. Such a good girl!

Here's a picture of Paulette in her youth (last May). In this shot she appears to be taking great interest in a leaf stuck to the brush cutter.

Here's a picture of from last spring of Paulette doing her daily yoga routine. I think this pose is called "downward chicken".

Meet Rosa the Rhode Island Red. I bought four RIR baby chicks in the spring of 2013. Sadly, Rosa is the only one left. I love my reds - they were all prolific egg layers, personable, and pretty little hens. Rosa seems to be doing just fine, and while she's been on a "winter break" from egg laying ever since last fall's molt, I expect she'll get back to business once spring rolls around.

Here's another picture of Rosa taken on a June day last summer.

 In this old picture from 2013, Rosa and Charlie Barred Rock share scratch direct from the source. Mmmmm! You can't beat scratch fresh out of the bucket!

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