Chick Pix!

Here are a few pictures of the babies.  Some, but not all of them have acquired names.  I knew from the get-go that the three little fluffy-foot chicks would be named after those co-workers who were so insistent that I get Silkies.  A few more have been named after other co-workers who seemed to badly want in on the chicken name thing.  Others have been named for a random variety of reasons.  One of the little Easter Eggers has a "V" on her head, so she needed a name starting with that letter - she's now Veronica.  Another Easter Egger who looks a lot like Veronica except without the "V" obviously had to be Betty.  And I am sad to report that I named one of my Buff Orpingtons "Buffy."  Yeah, I know.  I'll bet nobody's ever done that before.  The other Buff Orpington then became Willow by default.  None of the Barred Rocks or Rhode Island Reds have names yet - it is hard to tell them apart - and maybe I need to get a handle on their personalities before I come up with names!
Veronica the Easter Egger

Courtney the Silkie Chick

Paulette - a fluffy footed chick of unknown heritage, not a Silkie
Mary the Campine - The daughter of a co-worker was in love with one of my two little Campines and asked me to name it for her.  I told her, "But there are two and they're identical!  How can I tell Mary from the other one?" She responded, "Name them both Mary!"  So that's what I've done.  The Campines are Mary and Mary.

Angie the Polish

Two Rhode Island Red chicks that thus far have no names - Look at how fast their little wings are feathering out!

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