1011 Hits And Counting

This is a picture from the the stats page of this blog.  I am happy to report that pageviews finally went over the 1000 mark today.  I started this blog on March 1, hit the 500 mark in April after about five weeks - and now less than a month later I've tipped over the 1000 mark - so things are picking up. Thanks to all of you for making this happen. You are my friends and people I've never met.  You mostly live in the US, but some of you have visited from Africa, Europe, and South America.

As many of you have discovered, since yesterday there's an accompanying Facebook page.  I've got plans for sharing info on both Facebook and this blog on my flock, the nuts and bolts of chicken keeping, the experience of country living, and all sorts of other stuff, so stay tuned!

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