A May Day at the Chicken Ranch

It's been a fine day here at the ranch.  I grabbed the camera and spent some time in the coop this afternoon and captured some pictures of the chickens enjoying life on this fine May day.

The Legbar chicks will turn six weeks old at the end of the week and in chicken-years are definitely teenage chickens now.  They now have 24/7 access to the coop where Emily, Angitou, and Snowball live and hang out there most of the day.  Courtney still takes them back into their own coop at night. Here, from left to right we've got Marissa, Bonnie, Nicky, and Paulette.

Marissa and her mom, Courtney are enjoying a light afternoon snack.

Here's Marissa again - I guess she was just being photogenic today.  She's proudly standing on a roost that's about two feet off the ground.  Just today, Paulette found her way to the high roost that's four feet off the ground.  She was quite proud of herself.

Meanwhile, out in the big chicken yard, the hens all scratch, peck, and enjoy the spring weather while Emile the birchen Cochin bantam rooster keeps watch from the hen yard perch in the background.

Here's Jennifer the White Crested Black Polish hen being beautiful.

Out in the chicken run, Snowball the Silkie roo and Angitou the Golden Polish hen are having a great time digging through a leaf pile.

Another fine day filled with scratching, pecking, clucking, and laying eggs.  Life is good.

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