Coop Update

Here are Nicky and Paulette, half of the Legbar teen foursome, chillin' and hangin'. The teenage Legbars are seven weeks old this week, and like all teenagers they hang out.  Since they don't have a mall to hang out in, they've decided that the happening place to be is the nest boxes.  This is unfortunate, because, like all teenagers, they're not very tidy.  The adult hens know that nest boxes are for nesting and keep them clean.  Since the Legbar teens think they're for hanging out, they use them for their own personal toilet space - much to the consternation of the adult hens and me.  Maybe I need to post a "no loitering" sign.

In an earlier post, I talked about how I was planting oats in the chicken run.  Well, the oats are growing well and today the chickens are out in the run enjoying them.  It's a seventy-degree afternoon with a slight breeze and lots of sunshine dappled by the shade of the oak trees.  Think the chickens are happy?

Another shot of some of the chickens enjoying the oats in the chicken run.  That's Sam the Easter Egger in the front, then going around clockwise, we've got Rhoda and Roxie, two of the Rhode Island Reds, then Paul the frizzled bantam Cochin roo, Jennifer the Polish hen, and finally Buffy the Buff Orpington.  With all that green stuff in their diet, I expect lots of eggs with dark orange yolks, choc full of omega-3's. 


  1. Ah so happy to see a picture of Sam! She is lovely!!

    1. At age 3, Sam is moving into middle age, but she's doing fine & soooo happy to be out eating oats on a nice spring day!